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Google Owns You. But You Already Knew That, Right?

Just over 10 years ago, Google launched Gmail, a web-based email service that would compete with Microsoft’s Hotmail. When the service launched on April 1 of 2004 (a launch date which caused some to think it was an April Fool’s joke), Gmail was in beta and one couldn’t sign up without an invitation. In the tech community, Gmail invites were a hot commodity at the time; I seem to recall offering my first born in negotiations to secure an invite from a colleague.

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Biggest Fans of Samsung's New Galaxy S5? Apple iPhone Users, it Seems

Have you bought the new Galaxy S5 from Samsung yet? The S5, released worldwide on April 12 from South Korean manufacturer Samsung, has been on the receiving end of some fantastic reviews online. From all accounts, it appears that the most popular line of phones in the Android world is well on its way to becoming another hit in the sales department.

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Could Wholesale Wireless be the Answer to Canada's Competition Crisis?

It’s no secret that Canadian cell phone users pay some of the highest rates in the world. And competition is getting thiner, new entrant Public Mobile was snapped up by Telus—who promptly raised prices.

Meanwhile, other new entrants such as Wind Mobile and Mobilicity haven’t expanded their coverage areas in years and have been unable to raise necessary capital to bid in recent spectrum auctions.

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