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Too Much Twitter Can Kill Your Marriage, Study Finds

A study released Monday by the University of Missouri provides some interesting insights about Twitter and Facebook, and the potentially damaging effects they can have on our relationships.

The study, conducted by doctoral student Russell Clayton, reveals that "active Twitter users are far more likely to experience Twitter-related conflict with their romantic partners."

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How Christy Clark and Invoke Media Used Facebook to Win a Provincial Election

Barack Obama was among the first wave of politicans to actively leverage the internet and, particularly, social media—to obvious success, no doubt.

That knowledge was evidently not lost on Christy Clark, whose BC Liberals party this week allowed Facebook to release a case study proving how the Premier's election success was driven in part by a well-executed Facebook campaign.

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Today's Marketer is Her Own Worst Enemy Because She's Failing to Adopt New Technology

Marketing is one of the myriad sectors of business that in the digital era is being constantly disrupted by bleeding-edge technologies.

Every marketer is aware of the frequent bombardment of new tech, but only a select few are maximizing the opportunities, finds a new study from Adobe. Indeed, risk aversion related to the adoption of technology is actually harming many of them.

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