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App 'Hear' Lets People Listen to Others Anonymously on Their Phone

What if you weren’t sure where to go with your innermost thoughts?

Anonymous applications have proliferated, but most of them are textually based. You can tell your story, but it is confined in a limiting context. The only mode of expression you can hope to achieve with them is through the power of sight: text layered over images that can convey feelings and meaning, but cannot immerse.

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Wanna Learn to Code? Pick One of These Five Coding Academies



Because the Canadian coding school or “bootcamp” sector is still in its infancy, it’s tough to decipher which programs will ultimately lead to the best education and employment chances. Since there’s no real or leading watchdog in Canada to challenge success or failure rates, it makes the decision even tougher.

Here’s five Canadian coding bootcamps worth learning a bit more about.

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