VR’s Killer App isn’t Going to be a Shooter

Virtual realty has yet to really hit the mainstream but 2016 might just be the year it finally does.

Devices like the Oculus Rift and the Samsung Gear VR have delivered on some of the promises of VR, they’ve been held back by a lack of content and their appeal hasn’t yet spread beyond early adopters.

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World’s First Portable Smart Scale Available for Pre-order

Monitoring your content and calorie intake can get complicated, if the apps or the wearables aren’t working for you – try the scale. Slate is the world’s first portable smart scale for nutrition.

The Calgary-based startup have developed a weight scale that connects to android and iOS devices through Bluetooth, and allows you to track calories, macro nutrients, and deliver information based on your serving size and type of meal.

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Did BYOD's Catchy Name Make Us Look Past Its Flaws?

The trend now, as it has been for years, is to give every new tech product or strategy a catchy name, preferably an acronym or initialism -- something that will be easy to remember and simpler to write in an email. It may seem a bit cheesy, but businesses do it because it works.

One example of this is BYOD, which is short for bring your own device.

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Meta, an Artificial Intelligence Platform for Science, Receives $6 Million in Funding

Toronto's Meta announced today that they have raised a $6 million financing round led by Rho Canada Ventures and including Western Technology Investment and iGan Partners.

Meta (formerly ScienceScape) is a machine intelligence and big-data-as-a-service company for researchers and scientific industries and was a finalist for Techvibes 2014 Accelerator Graduate of the Year Award.

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Majority of Canadian Businesses Executives are Confused by the Internet of Things

According to new research from Microsoft Canada, the majority of Canadian business decision-makers (52 per cent) said they are working toward harnessing the power of the cloud.

This represents a huge leap from just a year ago, when 90 per cent of senior Canadian executives surveyed said they were not familiar with the real meaning of the term "cloud computing".

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Pythian Joins Battle Against 'Bro Culture' in Tech

Pythian, a 400-person global IT services company, announced this week its new Pythia Program and revealed its gender statistics along with a new glass ceiling metric called the Pythia Index.

Under the Pythia Program, Pythian will actively pursue diversification of its talent base with a specific focus on recruiting women who are making a difference in the IT industry, a segment that cuts across every talent group.

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Should Canadian Startups be Afraid of the TPP?

After years of negotiation, the new Canadian government will decide if it will ratify the Trans-Pacific Partnership and bring Canada in to the largest free-trade zone in the world.

Proponents of the 12-nation agreement say it will open access to foreign markets and help provide a counterweight to China’s economic heft.

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