Discover Your Own City Through Your Smartphone

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Maybe you just moved to a new city. Maybe you've lived there your whole life. Either way, we can guarantee there are at least a couple things in you haven't seen or done before.

To discover those new adventures, hot up streets you've never been down and eat at restaurants you've never heard of. For aid on this journey, look no further than the palm of your hand. Your smartphone, with the help of a few apps, can be your tourist guide.

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Wind Mobile Speeds Up Roaming Data, Lowers Price by 95%

This week Wind Mobile introduced improved domestic roaming with faster data and lower speeds.

Speeds can now reach up to 42 Mbps, or more than 300 times faster than before. Prices have lowered: 15 cents per mintue to talk (previously 20 cents), five cents per text (previously 15 cents), and five cents per megabyte of data (previously $1).

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Ink Less Reliant on Paper as Software Starts to Eat Tattoo Industry

Every profile I’ve written comes back to a central theme: software eating the world in its own unique way.

FounderFuel graduate Tattoo Hero fits that theme perfectly. The tattoo industry is one of the most interesting in the world, a close-knit and tightly woven collective that is as open and beautiful on the inside, as it seems mysterious and vaguely threatening for some on the outside.

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Take Heed: Here's How Any Old Office Job Can Shorten Your Lifespan

As we transitioned from factory and farming jobs to knowledge work in cubicle labyrinths, we'd like to think we did away with much of the danger associated with work. No one in a desk job was ever obliterated by an out-of-control wheat thresher or stirred into a giant vat of boiling industrial cleaning product. The sense of security we have in our safe and sanitized office jobs is misplaced, however.

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GROW Startup Smackdown Winner Crowned

At the GROW Conference, even the coffee breaks are action-packed.

Over the past two days a dozen startups had one minute to pitch a panel consisting of venture capitalists and media.

The winners from each Startup Smackdown session battled in the finals this afternoon and a winner was crowned.

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