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16 Vancouver Tech Startups to Compete in TechPong Tournament for Charity

September 26th UPDATE: TechPong has already raised $45,933 and is close to their $50K goal!

16 Vancouver tech startups will be competing this autumn in the city's first-ever "TechPong" tournament.

Hosted by Unbounce and Chimp, the ping pong tournament will support charities in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. Slated for October, participating startups are being encouraged to fundraise. Some startups have already raised more than $1,000.



Organizers hope to raise $50,000 and there's plenty of time left to reach that goal. For $10 you can be a spectator at this tournament, which is really more of a party—we're talking beer pong tables, a photo booth, Jenga, and of course food and drinks.

Support TechPong today with a donation!

Are Canadian Startup Hotspots Vulnerable to the Culture Wars Silicon Valley is Now Enduring?

Tensions are rising in San Francisco, where a great divide has grown between the well-paid tech workers and those who suddenly can't afford to live in their own city (think protesters attempting to tip over Google buses that transport engineers from downtown to Silicon Valley). Are these so-called "culture wars" something that could happen to Vanouver as well?

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