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Why Hybrid Cloud Computing the Best of Both Worlds

Hybrid cloud architecture is quickly becoming the preferred way of conducting business among cloud providers.

By leveraging the management of resources between internal and external sources, an organization can improve the reliability and stability of a service. This is an ideal situation for companies that want to take advantage of the scalability and cost-effectiveness that public cloud computing environments provide, while still allocating critical applications to secure, managed and controlled in-house resources.

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Could Netflix Spur Telus to Charge Canadians More for Their Internet?

We’ve written stories on how Netflix is disrupting Hollywood, but now it seems the ubiquitous streaming service is causing headaches for Internet providers.

Telecommunications giant Telus, who reportedly has 1.5 million Internet customers in BC, Alberta and Quebec, is now taking measures to deal with the massive increase in Netflix traffic using up a good portion of its bandwidth. Unfortunately for their customers, Telus’s new policy could mean an increase in your cable bill.

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