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Hacking the Tech Job Search Process

Recently, out of curiosity, I decided to drop by the Toronto Startup Job Fair not so long ago hosted at MaRS. There I saw an impressive showing of folks who were ready and willing to put themselves out there to work at a tech company in Toronto.

While impressed, I was equally dismayed at the purely transactional nature of the event. Really short conversations, exchange of cards, pamphlets and hard copy resumes. You’re in and out, under 2 minutes.

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The DMZ at Ryerson University Launch the Next Big Idea Contest with Birmingham

The DMZ at Ryerson University, in partnership with Innovation Birmingham, launch the Next Big Idea Contest - an innovation competition for startups based in Ontario and Greater Birmingham, U.K.

The competition will enable winning tech entrepreneurs to spend two weeks abroad in the sister incubation centre scaling up internationally, meeting with expert advisors and scoping out ways to expand their businesses on a global scale.

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