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Why Startup Weekend and Legaltech Make a Perfect Match

For those unfamiliar with Startup Weekend, you should get to know it. It’s remarkable how much the organization has achieved since its founding in 2007 (it truly seems as if they’ve been around much longer). The first Startup Weekend brought together 65 entrepreneurs over the course of a weekend with the goal of trying to create real startups over, yes, one weekend.

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Tech Pong Raises $73,000 for Local Charities

A hush falls over the crowd. Two opposing team members step on the stage.  Bulbs flash. House music thumps. All their training has led to this moment -- this is it, and they know it.

He tosses the ball, and it sails up, an elegant orb seemingly suspended in time, before -- ping! -- catapulting across the table. The opposition, agile, fires it back -- pong.

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