How to Become a Legaltech Entrepreneur

Each week we meet several aspiring entrepreneurs in the legal vertical, each one weighing a series of life-altering decisions and re-imaging a course that was firmly set.

The one critical recurring question is "Should I do this full-time?" which usually translates to "Should I quit my at least reasonably lucrative job as a lawyer?" or "Should I just go straight into entrepreneurship after I finish law school?"

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TomTom's Traffic Index Reveals Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa top the list of Most Congested Cities

TomTom (TOM2) today released its 5th annual Traffic Index, the most accurate barometer of traffic congestion in over 200 cities worldwide.

In addition to revealing rising congestion levels around the globe, for the first time, the Index took an in-depth look at the true impact of rush hour traffic on the work week, uncovering that evening rush hour nearly doubles the journey time for car commuters in Canada'sbusiest cities.

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Rajen Ruparell's Journey from Entrepreneur to Investor

Rajen Ruparell, the Calgary-born entrepreneur best known for founding Citydeal in Europe, which was later bought by Groupon, is already finding much success in his latest investment, Endy.

The online-only mattress store offers mattresses for much less than those found in traditional showrooms, and made at least $500,000 in its first week of sales.

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