Two-Day Hackathon for High Schoolers Introduces Students to Entrepreneurship

Early this year, Ryerson University announced that they would be opening the Brookfield Institute For Innovation and Entrepreneurship thanks to a $13 million donation from Jack Cockwell and the Brookfield Partners Foundation

The new innovation hub would provide help for entrepreneurs and contribute to the entrepreneurship ecosystem already in place at Ryerson through initiatives like the Digital Media Zone. Ryerson president Sheldon Levy told media outlets that he hoped “They’ll reach into high schools and create fellowships for creative young students – maybe as young as grade 8.”

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Plum Hopes to Replace Résumé with Something More Scientific

Caitlin MacGregor was launching a new company to sell a Canadian software product in the United States when she discovered that if she hired someone who didn’t work out, it would cost the company around $300,000.

Determined to get it right the first time, she decided to use psychometric evaluations (also known as aptitude or personality tests) to vet every candidate.

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How To Make It as a Hardware Startup

At Tech In Motion’s meetup for this month, the group hosted a panel on a very hot topic these days: what it takes to make it as a hardware startup. Writing on the Meetup page for "Building A Connected Company: A Panel," the group said that the “Internet of Things market [is] expected to grow $5 trillion over the next six years, [and] the opportunities to build and grow a successful hardware company are growing exponentially.”

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Startup Job Growth Slowed in 2014

When we published our first Entrevestor Intelligence report of 2014, the numbers that leapt from the page were the job creation figures. But things have changed in the past year.

The Atlantic Canadian startups we surveyed a year ago told us that they increased their staffing by 43 percent in 2013. They intended to increase employment by 50 percent in 2014, and the IT companies planned to double their staff overall.

It didn’t quite work out that way.

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