Biggest Web Dev Companies in BC (2009 edition)

by Rob Lewis

Web Development shops across BC are invited by Business in Vancouver every year to appear on their Biggest Web-Development Companies in BC list. Over the past couple years we have republished the list here on Techvibes (2007 and 2008) and we're doing it again this year.

As usual, the list includes the Dev shops that everyone has heard of like Blast Radius and Habanero but also includes a bunch that are under the radar.

Note: The companies are ranked based on employees and, as you'll see, a few companies that don't provide web development services per se have got past the BIV fact-checkers again.

  1. Blast Radius Inc., Vancouver - 150
  2. Elastic Path Software, Vancouver - 92
  3. Neverblue, Victoria - 74
  4. Habañero Consulting Group, Vancouver - 63
  5. Graphically Speaking Services Inc, Vancouver - 42
  6. FCV Technologies Ltd, Vancouver - 31
  7. Domain7 Solutions Inc., Abbotsford - 28
  8. 6S Marketing Inc, Vancouver - 27
  9. Invoke, Vancouver - 25
  10. OpenRoad Communications Ltd., Vancouver - 24
  11. Work at Play Media Labs Ltd, Vancouver - 23
  12. Marqui Solutions Inc., Vancouver - 23
  13. Antarctica Digital Marketing, North Vancouver - 22
  14. Falcon-Software Company Inc., Victoria - 20
  15. Appnovation Technologies, Vancouver - 20
  16. Think, Vancouver - 18
  17. Hot Tomali Communications Inc., Vancouver - 18
  18. E-Cubed Media Synthesis Inc., Burnaby - 17
  19. Noise Digital, Vancouver - 17
  20. Engine Digital Inc., Vancouver - 16
  21. Lat49 Media Inc., Vancouver - 16
  22. Snaptech Marketing and Communications, Burnaby - 14
  23. Artistech Newmedia Inc., Kelowna - 12
  24. Redesign Lab Internet Services, Vancouver - 12
  25. Eqqy Designs, Richmond - 12
  26. Origin Design + Communications Ltd., Whistler - 11
  27. VentureWeb, Squamish - 10
Habanero Consulting Group
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Habanero is passionate about helping people and organizations thrive. We create employee, customer, and member portals that are the heartbeat of an organization. Habanero portals increase employee engagement, foster rich customer communities, and facilitate better collaboration with partners. We are proud to be recognized as a top Canadian workplace. more

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Invoke partners with the big thinkers behind startups and established brands to create new revenue and digital service opportunities. For us, every day is a chance to solve problems in new ways and unearth big-impact ideas. Our process is rooted in collaboration, so we incorporate multiple perspectives as we ideate, prototype, and refine our way towards a solution. more

6S Marketing Inc
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

6S Marketing Inc. is a leading Vancouver Internet marketing company with hundreds of clients, both large and small, across a wide variety of industries. 6S provides Web site promotion services to clients across the United States, Canada and Internationally. 6S Marketing Inc. has proven experience and success in all facets of online marketing including: search engine optimization, cost per click... more

Blast Radius
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Many of the world's most innovative companies work with Blast Radius to develop superior experiences for their customers. Why? Because we understand what it takes to succeed in business, and what it takes to delight and engage audiences. We're strategic thinkers with a passion for technology and a serious creative streak. more

OpenRoad Communications
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

OpenRoad Communications is a Vancouver-based technology consulting firm specializing in the development of custom software that make business and government operations more efficient and cost effective. more

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Domain7 is a global digital consultancy headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, founded by Shawn Neumann in 1996. The team of 40 blends creative strategy, human-centered design, and digital development to create expert solutions that transform businesses. With hundreds of clients over the years, Domain7 has a focus on putting humans first, using smart networks to help organizations grow... more

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Rob Lewis

Rob Lewis

Rob is the President of Techvibes Media and Editor-in-Chief of  His diverse background includes stints in International Trade Finance, Web Development, and Enterprise Software and he is a graduate of the University of British Columbia, British Columbia Institute of Technology, and Simon Fraser University. When not running Canada's leading technology media property, Rob can be... more

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